Meet Janae

Certified Licensed Esthetician and Coach

Janae is a skincare professional in the US, started body wrap business in 2012, after several thoughts of her own self-care. She has been working as a body wraps specialist for over seven years, Consistently working as a Licensed body wrapper and adding services to meet the needs of both men and women to each year. Janae specializes in weight loss, skin tightening, womb wellness, wood therapy, oral hygiene, detoxing, self-care, and non-surgical facelifts. 

Later on, Janae attended Jacksonville Beauty Institute. She graduated in 2017 as a licensed facial specialist, expanding her clientele and knowledge.

Janae's passion is to share her extensive knowledge to empower women daily to appreciate and love their bodies (not minding a curve). Live a healthier overall lifestyle while boosting the beauty and confidence of all clients and part of others' success.

She cares and educates 

Offering expert tips, advice and training to help her customers live a healthier lifestyle while assisting them in attaining their desired body. Janae does not only provide skin care services, but she also goes above and beyond. She aims to make the spa and wellness industry better, innovative, and advanced.

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About Jonyelle

Jonyelle is a Registered Nurse; her interests include health awareness, management of healthy and high-risk lifestyle. Also, treatment of patients, as well as the ethical challenges involved in total wellness care.

Her experience and wealth of knowledge have given her recognition on topics such as patient-nurse communication in this era of e-health data, empowerment of disadvantaged or marginalized patient groups, and patient engagement. And with more than of experience, Jonyelle is focused on follow up care, health education, and patients care.

Jonyelle RN attended and graduated from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.