The Weight Loss Program



Introducing: The Weight Loss Program

Our program is catered to you and your needs to help you to reach a healthy weight and promote confidence. First, we perform a Health & Wellness consultation where we calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), complete a wellness questionnaire and history form, record your initial weight and measurements. This information helps us to design a program that is fully tailor-made to your individual needs and goals in order to help you achieve an optimal wellness goal. Our program utilizes customized body treatments and meal plan along with all natural supplement to promote healthy detoxing, fat burn and increased energy. We are ready to help you achieve your goals for a healthier physical and emotional wellbeing.



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Preliminary Weight Loss Consultation

We begin the process with a private consultation. We will perform a brief physical and review your medical history. These results will help us customize a program just for your personal weight loss journey. Once we have created your customized weight loss plan, we will provide you with instruction and counsel to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Program Details 

We require one preliminary consultation so that we can formulate your customized weight loss program. Follow-up visits are encouraged to track your weight loss progress and to help you ensure a smooth, continuous path of success.


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