An alternative and age-old treatment for women’s health, V-Steaming is used to alleviate the negative side effects of periods and menopause, increase fertility, promote post-childbirth healing. 

The purpose of the V-Steam is to aid as an internal cleanser of the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. This is considered especially important for stagnant fertility conditions, and/or incomplete emptying of menses each cycle. V-Steams may also provide menstrual support, eliminate yeast infections and other vaginal bacteria, increase cervical fluids, relax vaginal canal and cervix, nourish and tone the uterine lining, prevent and ease bladder and kidney stones and more. Also called Yoni, Vagi- Steam, The Vaginal Steam Bath, Hip Bath & Womb Treatment, Bajos, Bertangas, and chai-yok.

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Medicinal Properties of the V Steam:

  • Stimulates the production of hormones to maintain uterine health

  • Protects the uterus from ulcers and tumors

  • Soothes while strengthening the nervous system

  • Stimulates menstrual discharges and the production of milk

  • Aids in restarting regular menstrual cycles

  • Eases fatigue, headaches, abdominal discomfort and nausea

  • Lessens the effects of renal calculi, rheumatism, arthritis and gout

  • Helps fight infections

  • Kills intestinal worms

  • Helps correct digestive disorders

  • Warms the body


  1. Be careful over the next 24 hours to protect your entire body from cold drafts, keeping warm so as to avoid any sudden temperature changes.  

  2. Be certain to rehydrate by drinking plenty of spring water at least 32 oz.

  3. Relax and listen to your body as it begins the detoxification process.

  4. Discharge is natural, just be sure to wear liners and change them as needed (as if you were on your cycle).

  5. You may have slightly heavier menses as the encrusted blood may be releasing from the womb.

Warning: DO NOT use during pregnancy.
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