Detox Foot Bath


The human body is like a large magnet that invites and holds onto toxins. Heavy metals and a huge array of other toxins secure themselves in ionized form to joints, arteries, organs, tissues and nerves, disturbing their main function. This establishes an environment for allergies, disease and immune system breakdowns.

We provide an ionized foot bath designed to improve your body’s energy and balance, while promoting and encouraging your body’s natural detoxification systems. It balances and revitalizes your body's Ph and electromagnetic energy. It is a gentle detoxifying system that was designed to pull out nonessential toxins out of your body, in a similar way to that of a water softener. The ionized foot bath generates a mix of positive and negative ions that can balance your meridians and normalize pH.

This treatment consists of placing your feet into water treated by a EB PRO foot bath system. The copper array charges a current into the water and provokes an ionic field that transfers into your body. The bubbles coming from the array imply the ionic field is being produced as the hydrogen and oxygen particles come apart. Warm water allows feet to sweat, opening the pores, and granting a larger absorption rate through the skin. The toxins are removed from your body through your feet.

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*Results may vary from person to person.
The water starts out clear and clean, with just a tiny bit of sea salt in it. In just 20 minutes the current removes heavy metals, yeast, bacteria, chemicals, viruses and many other toxins from your body.

The water changes color as a result of the interaction of the toxins from your body and the metals from the copper array. The colors of the water reflect:

  • Dark Yellow, Orange, Brown- Liver, Joints

  • Green- Gall Bladder

  • Yellow- Urinary Tract

  • White- Lymphatics & Yeast

  • Blue- Kidney

  • Black Flecks- Heavy Metals

  • Red Flecks- Blood Clots

Symptoms of toxicity include fatigue, weight gain, food cravings, difficulty sleeping, headaches, poor digestion, irritable bowel, reduced mental clarity, low libido, chronic yeast issues, rashes & eczema, immune challenges, learning challenges, neurological issues, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, mood swings, depression and much more.